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Sending Emails

Once you have your Post by Email address sending an email is simple:

The email subject is used as your post’s title, with the body being the post contents. A few minutes after receiving your email you should receive a notification email informing you of the published post’s details.

Please remember to send the email to your secret email address, not to the example given in the image above.

Your email can be plain text or formatted.  As much formatting as possible will be retained, although the Post by Email system will strip unnecessary HTML tags so that your email is displayed correctly.

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Email attachments will be included in your published post as follows:

A single image is displayed inline with your post, if your email client supports this, or will be attached to the end of your post.

Multiple images will be displayed as a gallery at the end of your post.

If you have purchased the Space Upgrade then the following additional attachment types will be supported:

Supported audio files (mp3) will be displayed using the WordPress Audio player.

All other files (zips, PDF, etc) will be displayed as links to the attachment.

Additionally, if you’ve purchased VideoPress Upgrade you’ll be able to send mp4, mov, wmv, avi, mpg and m4v files as attachments which will then be displayed using the WordPress Video player.

Note that all attachments are subject to space limitations.

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Special shortcodes can be embedded in your email to configure various aspects of the published post:

[category x,y,z]

[excerpt]some excerpt[/excerpt]

[tags x,y,z]

[delay +1 hour]

[comments on | off]

[status publish | pending | draft]

[password secret-password]

[slug some-url-name]

[title Your post title]

[end] – everything after this shortcode is ignored (i.e. signatures)

Shortcodes can be included anywhere in the body of your email and must be in lowercase.

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Specifying the Category

The category shortcode will match the start of category titles, as well as category IDs. For example:

[category Hol, Fo]

Will match ‘Holiday’ and ‘Food’. Note that categories must already exist on your blog.

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Specifying Tags

Any number of tags can be added to your post, each separated by a comma:

[tags one potato, two potato, three potato, more]

This will add four tags: ‘one potato’, ‘two potato’, ‘three potato’, and ‘more’. Note that your tags do not need to exist elsewhere in your blog and new tags will be created automatically.

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Delaying Your Post

The delay shortcode will accept any time allowed by PHP’s strtotime. For example, you can:

[delay +1 hour]
[delay +2 days]

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Providing a post title

The title of your published post is usually taken from the subject line of your email. In some instances, such as when sending an email from some cell phones or via a MMS-Email gateway, you may not be able to provide a subject. In this instance you can set your post title directly inside the email:

[title My Fancy Post]

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Post by email will automatically remove any email signatures that match the standard signature block pattern:

(that is dash dash space)

It will also remove anything after a

HTML tag.

If your email system attaches a signature that does not match any of these patterns then you can manually tell Post by Email to stop including text by adding the special [end] shortcode.  Anything after this will be removed from your post.

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Example Email with Shortcodes

The following email will be published in 2 days time to the ‘WordPress’ category, with tags ‘announcement’ and ‘wordpress’:

Welcome to Post by Email, the easiest way to blog!

[tags announcement, wordpress]
[category word]
[delay +2 days]


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